Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lap Baby

Ah, two month shots. Ev and I are new at this whole "mom" and "baby" thing. Today we learned: Shots are no fun. This baby has not escaped my lap all day. Of course, these shots came on the day where I have never seen her awake up happier or more playful. Le sigh. We agreed today was a wash and that we will try again tomorrow.

So, since I was sandwiched between my couch and baby all day...I watched a lot of TV. Food Network, obviously.

The Pioneer Woman is my 3rd favorite chef. Now, that might not sound too flattering. But with the likes of Giada and Ina coming in first and second, respectively, 3rd ain't so bad. She is so fun and carefree. Plus she has two adorably lethargic Basset hounds that she usually talks to during her show. Love that.
Today, she made this carb buster breakfast and I happen to have most of the stuff on hand. Dan was out running errands leaving me to fend for myself, so I thought I had the perfect excuse to try it out. Here is my result:
Ree (we are on a first name basis) boasts this as a "carb buster" but I did lay this all out on a whole wheat tortilla. Hey, I coulda used bread.
I followed her recipe for the most part.
First, I sautéed some summer squash and zucchini in EVOO, salt and pepper. As this was happening,  I warmed my tortilla up on a separate burner.
I laid out my tortilla and sprinkled on some pepperjack cheese.
Next, I poured over the veggies.
I opted for over easy eggs rather than poached. I have never poached an egg and tonight was not the night to try it. So, on went two over easy eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper.
I dashed some hot sauce on top.
DE-lish. It had a great kick from the hot sauce and cheese and was also mellow and almost creamy from the runny yolks and soft veggies. I ate the entirety with a cranky baby on my lap.
It's the end of my pregnancy, I spilled all over my lap because I couldn't get myself up to the table due to the huge belly...and now I still can't pull up to the table!
Isn't there a song, "Mama said there'd be days like this..."??

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