Monday, July 30, 2012

Under 200 Calorie Breakfast!

Ok, so I am totally NOT the girl to ever skip breakfast (or any meal for that matter).  I usually buy the English muffin breakfast sandwiches by SmartOnes.  They are delish and keep me full til lunchtime.  They are about 260 calories and can get pretty expensive.  So, I thought to myself, 'There is NO reason why I can't make these myself...healthier AND cheaper.' I did--and they were super easy!

Aunt Millie's 100% Whole Wheat English Muffins are what I used.  They are 100 calories a pop and come in boxes of 6!

 I always use these cheese squares.  They are only 45 measley calories per slice and they actually have flavor!  I have used Kraft before...but they just don't seem to taste like, well, anything. Weight Watchers are the way to go. 

So here's what I did:
I happen to have a silicon muffin top 'pan' (seen below).  I thought it would be the perfect place to make little baked eggs.
I whipped up four (yes, only four for 6 rounds! Can you feel your wallet getting thicker?!) eggs in a bowl.  I added about a tablespoon of 1% milk, salt, pepper, and some parsley.
I used that mixture and poured it into the lightly greased little silicon cups (four eggs for six rounds is PLENTY).
I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees until the eggs were no longer wiggly--about 12 minutes.
 NOTE!  BEFORE you fill your silicon cups, PUT THE PAN ON SOMETHING STURDY! Otherwise, the egg mixture runs all over the place (found this out the hard way). I would recommend using a cookie sheet under your silicon pan.

Ta Da! SO easy!! I wrapped them up in some plastic wrap and froze them for the week. I calculated everything and it comes out to...wait for it...192 calories per sandwich! Take that, SmartOnes.

The best part about these is their versitility.  Next time I will use different spices (I love basil and/or oregano in my eggs) and maybe use some veggies.
I am also BIG into the Laughing Cow cheese wedges--so I might use those instead next time, too.

Happy Cooking!

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