Monday, June 9, 2014

Hospital Bag(s)

I am FINALLY nearing my due date!! Today marks 38 weeks.  This entire pregnancy, my one piece of intuition is that I will delivery early.  Now, I could easily chalk that up to wishful thinking, given how incredibly uncomfortable I have been the past few weeks...but since those early days way back in October, "June 23" just didn't sound like the day.

So, according to all of the books and pins that I have been reading up on (and recent doctor's orders) I need to have a bag packed.  I have researched this extensively (thanks, Pinterest) and still, with my suitcase zipped and ready, I do not feel like I could possibly have everything I need.

Regardless, here's what I have:
Bath robe, hair dryer, nursing bras (2), granny panties (pack of 6... I cringed when I bought these...but apparently you want some "throw aways"...I get it), my baby K'Tan, good contact solution, hair ties, "refreshing" body wipes, make up remover wipes, big ol' overnight pads, 2 pair of thick socks, slippers, travel sized body lotion and wash, and a pack containing shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, more lotion, a toothbrush and toothpaste.
I got ALL of these goodies (minus the K'Tan and Betsey Johnson bathrobe) at Target. I loved that they had such an awesome selection of travel sized stuff.  The pack containing the shampoo and conditioner is even my fave kind of Herbal Essences.
Things not pictured that I am waiting to pack:
Comfy clothes for me and snacks.  
My ambitious side would love to make some awesome trail mix and granola for the stay...but we will see. :-)

Now for the baby bag:
Much more adorable, if you ask me.
This one I am feeling even MORE clueless about. Sure, I scoured the internet to figure out just what I need to pack....but still, never having had to pack a bag for a brand new's a little daunting.

Grooming kit (another Target find! I actually have 2. One for her diaper bag and one for home's full of so many awesome, tiny goodies), 2 plain onesies (one NB sized and one 0-3...doc is predicting she is going to tip the scales at at LEAST 8 pounds), 2 caps, 2 pairs of socks (will she REALLY need socks in June??), little scratch mittens, 2 binkies, 2 burp cloths, 2 swaddler, her "Just Born" sticker (we will see if that photo op happens at the hospital or at home), and her Take Home outfit (ruffle butt diaper cover, Where the Wild Things Are onesie, shades and flower headband).

No where on the Lists of Things to Bring for Baby does it mention bringing diapers or things like that. Also, I am tempted to bring my breast pump and accessories (which they specifically state NOT to bring) because I feel sure that I am going to want some pointers on how to use it (even turn it on for starters!!).

I will post after D-Day and letcha know what I was totally wishing I had brought! 
Thinking Baby Thoughts...

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