Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  Tonight we celebrate the final week of this season's American Idol...Goooo Phillip Phillips!

Honestly, Dan and I are trying to make the most out of the groceries that we buy.  Too often I'll find myself throwing out half a pound of turkey or dumping most of the milk down the drain.  So, we are trying to plan our week night menus so that that doesn't happen.

Tonight I made Alfredo Chicken with Potatoes. Super easy!! Probably not the LOWEST fat...but I tried!

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Start off with some cheese (I had a brick of peccorrino on hand) and some seasoned croutons.  I LOVE using croutons as bread crumbs!

I used about half the bag of croutons here.  I also added a nice sized cube of the cheese (I would have used ALOT more if I didn't have a wedding dress to fit into soon). Then I popped in one clove of garlic, just for good measure.

Pulse until it is the consistency of breadcrumbs.

Next for the chicken.  I used some BIG chicken breasts.  Looking back, I would have definitely preferred using fillets. Definitely.

I whacked the chicken with a mallet to pound them down a bit.  (Yes, yes I know you're supposed to use wax paper.  I was careful not to incorporate plastic into our chicken)

Season both sides of your chicken liberally with salt and pepper.

Next was the most tricky part (and luckily, it isn't tricky at all!)

First off, get a big skillet hot with some olive oil.

Next, dump some alfredo onto a plate (I used the one pictured above..they DO make light alfredo sauce!)

Dump your breadcrumb mixture on another plate nearby.

Swish your chicken around in the alfredo, covering entirely.  Next, swish it in the breadcrumbs, again, covering entirely.  Into the pan it goes! Then on to your next piece of chicken! 

Now they sit happy in the pan for 5-7 minutes on each side.
After they are nice and brown, stick them uncovered in the oven for about 10 minutes.
Put the cover one for about another 15-20 minutes (until chicken is done).  Otherwise it could get horribly dried out.

Here was our side for the evening.  It was just frozen parmesan potatoes I picked up at Trader Joe's.  They had them out at a sample once and I loved them!  Just sautee these up!

Ta-da!  They wound up being quite scrom (and made the apartment smell amaaaaze)....but like I said, next time I will use fillets or even tenders...these guys were just a little too thick for me.

Let me know if you try it!

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